Skydiving experience

Last year I turned 18, when my parents asked what I’d want I said I wanted to do something, not just a gift, I wanted an experience I would remember. “Something like skydiving” I said, without thinking that would actually end up being the gift.

But it was, I got to go skydiving. In the beginning of August I finally decided to do it, and boy what an experience! The first thing I had to do was sign a paper so they would not be responsible for any accidents, including death. Talk about a fun introduction right! After that they run through everything that’s going to happen and how you should hold your body while jumping out of the plane and right before landing. After a little bit of waiting, it was my turn. I’ve never been afraid of heights so the nervous feeling wasn’t from being scared but from being excited. Getting on the plane, taking off and then the jump. Everything goes so fast. When I was partially hanging out of the side of the plane it suddenly hit me, I was jumping from 4 000 meters in the air. A 50 second free fall, which feels like ages and then around 20 minutes of parachute gliding. The adrenaline rushing through my body is something I had never experienced in my entire life.

If you ever get the chance to go skydiving, don’t hesitate for a moment. It’s probably one of the coolest things I’ve done in my entire life. No physical gift could have been as precious to me as this experience. So again, if you’re reading this, thanks mom and dad for this amazing experience! Here are some photos I have from that day, again thanks dad for trying to figure out how that 'big camera' works!

If you’re located in Belgium and you want to feel the rush for yourself, you can find all the information on

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