Through trial and error, or maybe not

I'm currently in the second year of my uni education and the aspect of actually going out looking for a job is coming close and closer. The fact is that the job market our generation is getting into is very different from what it was like, lets say, 10 years ago. I was inspired to write this post because of a guest lecture we had by Paul Pauwels. He is the head of EDN which is an organisation that offers support for producers, writers and overall content creators in the creation and distribution of their documentary films. He spoke about the changes that have happened in the creative industries over the period of his career and one thing in specific really stuck with me. He mentioned that it’s no longer an option to fail. New people who get into the industry get one chance, no more room for mistakes. He remembered the amount of times something went wrong in his own productions and the funding just kept going “Oh that’s not good, but keep going” seemed to be a common phrase. Not anymore it seems, those times have passed.

Almost every creative person who has ever finished a project will tell you it has been a process of trial and error. With the term creative I don't even limit myself to artists, I'm talking about creative solutions in every aspect, management, science, politics, you name it. Creative processes don't have a linear flow, you go forward for a couple steps and you seem to go back even more but in the end there is a result to be proud of. Exactly thats what doesn't get a chance anymore. New interns have to perform and come up with great content with no second chance. I'm already getting nervous writing about this. I make mistakes, constantly, and then I try and fix them. There is nothing wrong with that, nobody should be afraid of making mistakes. The world would be a very boring place if there was nobody taking risks, jumping in the deep without knowing what's going to happen.

I'm 100% sure there are companies that don't work like this, that give people a second, a third or even more chances because they see something in the people they hire. But isn't it sad that we've gotten used to a society where that's the exception? I think it is and I hope I'm going to be lucky enough to be able to make mistakes. I might just be a silly millennial with crazy ideas but I want to explore my creativity completely. This is a call for change, if you're ever in the position to give someone a job or a new opportunity, don't expect perfection...perfection is boring.

On a lighter note; I've been working for KultuurKaffee which is a culture organisation connected to my university in Brussels. Over the last three weeks I've been shooting a couple events for their BANG! art festival and I just wanted to share some bits of it. Showing that I'm actually doing stuff, and not just talking about it. "There's no glory in the process" is probably one of the best motivational quotes in my opinion.

jan de cock
Johannes Verschaeven
interview KultuurKaffee
Sculpture by Jan de Cock